Enjoy perfected sound in your luxury Lincoln model

If you like your vehicles to serve as a luxury retreat and something you can actively look forward to at the end of a long work day, there's one new element you'll greatly enjoy when you're behind the wheel of any new Lincoln model.

Beginning with the 2016 Lincoln MKX, our preferred automaker is partnering with Revel to offer luxurious 13- and 19-speaker sound systems. Each newly-redesigned Lincoln model will offer the option of each, with Black Label editions boasting the 19-speaker Revel Ultima system standard.

For a top-tier luxury sound experience, those who choose the Revel Ultima system will enjoy the ability to choose three operating modes: traditional stereo, audience, and on stage, the latter of which will provide incredible surround sound capabilities.

Ready for a new sound experience behind the wheel? Visit Allan Vigil Ford Lincoln Inc. in Morrow, GA for more information on available Revel technology for our 2016 models.

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